CPQD is an independent institution whose main objective is to increase Brazil’s competitiveness and further the digital inclusion of the country’s society, based on innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Their extensive R&D program, the largest of its kind in Latin America, has produced ICT solutions for both private and public corporations in the communication and multimedia, financial, utilities, industries, and defense and security sectors.

Strategic Positioning

Thanks to their highly skilled professionals, known for their creativity and commitment to high standards of quality, CPQD today is an integrated and dynamic organization, strategically positioned to bring added value to the market in the form of technological intelligence, and has played an increasingly leading role in ICT development. They have also become a strategic Government partner. This position has been consolidated based on the following strategic guidelines:

  • Boost national ICT intelligence by means of leading edge, impartial and independent projects
  • Stay on top of market trends and needs
  • Create technology-content companies
  • Transfer product technology to industries
  • Develop high value-added software
  • Create a multiplier effect on the national ICT value chain
  • Develop state-of-the-art technologies
  • Work towards the complete digital inclusion of Brazilian society
  • Support the government’s role in enhancing the well-being of society

Contribution to Society

CPQD knowledge impacts the market in the form of product technologies, software systems, technological/consulting services, and intellectual capital investment in technology-based emerging companies. This creates new job opportunities, increases the competitiveness of customers and partners, encourages digital inclusion and produces wealth for the country.

The innovations CPQD has introduced on the Brazilian market have increased business efficiency and across-the-board competitiveness of companies large and small.

The institution’s portfolio of products is completely in line with current modern-day trends: broadband, smart grid, future banking, smart cities, and defense and security. CPQD also applies technology to address other important issues that have become a permanent part of the everyday life of people and corporations, such as mobility, communication/information security, and social-environmental responsibility.

CPqD’s R&D program, which is partially supported by government science and technology funds, includes studies to facilitate future technological transitions, projects to meet market needs and the use of technology to implement government digital inclusion policy.

Product technologies developed by CPQD are transferred to several companies that can undertake production and commercialization. In addition, new companies have emerged – each with their distinct characteristics and created by direct or indirect CPQD initiatives – to form what is known as the CPQD Universe, working together to disseminate innovative technologies and high value-added products and services. Padtec, Trópico, Já!, BrPhotonics, CPQD T&S, SPAT, ClearTech, Instituto Atlântico, PSG, Padtec NA and e-Safer make up this universe of initiatives, which has as its core Brazilian technology produced by CPQD.

One of the products that stands out is a set of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), which has been successfully deployed in major companies from the most diverse sectors both in Brazil and abroad. These mission-critical systems are effective solutions for minimizing losses, improving results, preventing fraud, increasing customer satisfaction, mitigating risks, and ultimately boosting efficiency and overall competitiveness.

CPQD laboratories, with more than 850 accredited tests, provide wide-ranging technological services. These include optical fiber cables and accessories, antennas, switching and terminals, radio systems, electromagnetic compatibility, mechanical characterization, electrical safety, SAR, batteries and colorimetry.

CPQD is fully credentialed to provide quality consulting services to a broad spectrum of organizations. CPQD expertise includes business strategies, regulatory strategies, process reengineering, IT governance, infrastructure optimization and risk and opportunity analysis.

CPQD excels at providing high-quality services, always seeking to meet their customers’ needs, both present and future, by acquiring in-depth knowledge of their businesses and offering greater added value.

CPQD solutions can be found not only in Brazil, but also in many Latin American countries and in the USA and Angola. The company’s international activities are made possible by means of strategic alliances with local commercial representatives.

Historical Background

CPQD was created in 1976 as a Telecom Research and Development Center for Telebras, the then Government-owned company with monopoly rights over all public telecom services in Brazil. Since its inception, the company has been on the technological forefront, in tune with the future and anticipating the needs of today’s fast-paced and ever-changing society. In 1998, after Telebras was privatized, CPQD became a private-law corporation, broadening the scope of their activities and opening up many potential new markets.

Digital switches, antennas, digital transmission systems, optical transmission equipment, fiber optics, laser semi-conductors, packet switching systems, inductive card pay-phones, telex switching centers and complex business and operation support systems are examples of the technologies developed by CPQD, which, added to their deep knowledge of the Brazilian market as well as all ICT-related cultural, social, economical and historical aspects of the country’s society, have consolidated the institution’s unparalleled innovative potential in this area.