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CPqD Products & Solutions Fraud Prevention for Acquirers - IBM PureSystems

:: Fraud Prevention for Acquirers - IBM PureSystems

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The CPqD Fraud Prevention for Acquirers solution, also known as GIFA (acronym in Portuguese for Gestão Integrada de Fraudes para Adquirentes), has been successfully deployed and tested on the innovative IBM technological platform – IBM PureSystems (learn more about IBM PureSystems at This solution offers new advantages to the financial organizations interested in using the most advanced global technology achievements as well as in making their IT infrastructure both reliable and simple to manage.

The CPqD Fraud Prevention for Acquirers is based on: real-time transaction monitoring, analytics, business rules, merchant profile monitoring, intelligence, investigation, point of compromise detection and management, case management and chargeback disputes. This solution also provides:

  • Fraud loss reduction.
  • Reduction of average time case analysis.
  • Predictive scoring model.
  • Near real-time dashboard to visualize KPIs.
  • Anti-fraud system that can detect whether a transaction may pose a potential fraud risk with a high level of accuracy at the moment of the purchase.
  • Fraud management in use on merchant acquirers of 1.2 million active merchants on a peak of 800 transactions per second.
  • Fraud management solution scalable to smaller and greater merchant acquirers and on smaller or grater peak of transactions per second.
  • Real-time transaction monitoring for fraud prevention, detection and management.

Using the advantages offered by IBM PureSystems, customers using CPqD Fraud Prevention for Acquirers have several technological benefits and business values including:

  • Accelerating Time-to-Value – easy and fast solution deployment due to the installation of the fully preconfigured solution for the easy transition and replication of the implemented solution.
  • Business continuity – mitigation of the operational risks due to the high reliability and fault tolerance of the platform.
  • Easy administration – simple management of the implemented system.

CPqD and IBM have a long history of successful collaboration. The companies have been partnering on various complex projects for more than 10 years.





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