Although CPqD is a clean company, whose main activity does not involve any kind of environmental aggression, since their inception, they have maintained a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Their corporate environmental-friendly policy dates back to their earliest beginnings, in the 70s, when society had not yet become aware of the devastating consequences of human activities on the environment.

Even back then, CPqD strategies clearly demonstrated their concern for the planet. Responsible waste management and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in their facilities are a reflection of this commitment.  The optical fiber, laser and electronic optical device labs were equipped with clay and charcoal filters to minimize the environmental impact of their activities. Although these labs have been dismantled, all research and testing centers feature exclusive effluent treatment stations.

More recently, artesian wells have been drilled, allowing the company to become self-sufficient in terms of drinking water, saving the city 60 thousand cubic meters yearly. The construction of a rainwater collection and storage system for watering lawns and washing sidewalks in the technological complex prove that the values of the first founders are still very much alive.