Quality Policy

CPqD is constantly seeking innovation and cutting-edge technology to meet the needs and expectations of their customers and the Brazilian society in general.
They achieve this by:

• constantly improving all processes;
• encouraging both individual and collective creativity;
• fostering a harmonious relationship among staff and all the stakeholders;
• respecting the environment and
• with a permanent focus on financial performance, to ensure the company’s long term future.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Guidelines

• Comply with applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, and with any other guidelines and standards the organization may adopt.
• Develop their activities with minimal or no impact on the environment and foster a culture of environmental awareness and commitment amongst staff and vendors.
• Use energy and natural resources efficiently, strengthening environmental protection efforts.
• Ensure the proper disposal of waste materials and take measures to prevent pollution.

Institutional Statements


Passionately furthering the creation of national technology.


Contribute to the development, progress and wellbeing of society.


Be a groundbreaking role model in Information and Communication Technology.


Innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions.


Collaboration, Respect, Innovation, Efficiency and Focus on Results.