CPqD empowers people with special needs in ICT.

In 2008, CPqD implemented the “Empower to Include” program to train people with disabilities in Information and Communication Technology – ICT, empowering them to compete in the work market, thus contributing to their social inclusion. The metropolitan region of Campinas has a great demand for qualified ICT labor, thanks to its high concentration of technologically-oriented companies.

The program has pioneered the empowerment of people with special needs and is backs by the Campinas Sub-Bureau of Labor. With free classes and pedagogical materials provided by CPqD, the course has a class-hour load of more than 300 hours and its syllabus is formed by subjects such as Programming Loci, Object-oriented Programming, Java Programming, Java Script, Web Technology and Design, AJAX with Java Script and XML.

The high level professional level of “Empower to Include” graduates is attested by the interest of major companies in hiring them.

More information can be obtained through the following email addresses: Daniel Silva – stsilva@cpqd.com.br and Vera Meloni vmeloni@cpqd.com.br.