Financial institutions have always been known for their intense use of information and communication technology, and today they are able to provide secure, reliable, real-time transactions from the most varied access terminals.

With the economical growth of recent years, millions of people from the lower-middle and lower classes have been able to achieve a better consumer status and have become potential customers for the financial sector companies. Allied to the socio-economic factor, the evolution of ICT has produced intelligent solutions, based on powerful equipment and sophisticated algorithms, that allow banks to customize their customers’ profiles and monitor their transactions in real time in the different service channels. Not only does this drastically lower the risks of fraud and payment default, but it also grants millions of formerly excluded customers access to the banking/financial system.

The Bank of the Future will focus on operational efficiency to provide increasingly innovative services. Operational efficiency – an internationally recognized achievement of the Brazilian financial sector – will continue a permanent item on the agenda of the sector’s leaders in order to maintain their competitive edge. Applying the knowledge of the customer’s profile during each interaction is the key to applying technology to the services thus aggregating intelligence to the most varied processes.

The trend is for banking systems to move in the direction of offering more diversified and integrated service channels, such as ATMs, the Internet, and most importantly, cell phones.


CPQD concentrates their efforts on providing the sector innovative technological solutions, consulting services and technological services with high, added value analysis that enlightens decision-making, information security, fraud management, multiple mobility channels and accessibility, as well as expense management.ade.


Besides dealing with challenges related with usability (which requires sophisticated techniques) and with an adequate user experience of this new channels, the Bank of the Future infrastructure will have the needed capacity and intelligence to handle large volumes of customer data securely to protect it from frauds.