The sheer size of the Brazilian territory, the extension of its borders, and the notorious growth of urban density of its major cities, as well as its economic position in the global scenario, make national defense and security management an extremely relevant and strategic issue. The intense use of communication and information security technology is a fundamental part in this strategy, to the extent that it reinforces the protection of critical data and infrastructure. However, for the country to guarantee its sovereignty, it is vitally important to master the technology needed for this sector.

This makes the development of a defense and security industry built entirely on national technology a major priority in Brazil. Also high on the list of priorities is the development and application of autonomous and specialized labor in the intelligence sector, the protection of critical infrastructure, and border monitoring and control, supported by mobile devices.


CPQD is a company above reproach, with extensive knowledge and exceptional skills in the areas of information and communication security, telecommunications, software development, georeferenced information systems, sensors, software defined radio, image capturing techniques, biometrics, speech synthesis and image monitoring systems, a combination that allows it to contribute in all sectors that are fundamental to the security of communications, interoperability, and keep abreast of all technological advances in the radio communication industry.


The CPQD Defense Technology Development Center has contributed to the evolution and creation of groundbreaking equipment and systems in the area of national defense and security through joint ventures with military institutions. The number of different complex technologies mastered by CPQD and their ability to integrate and apply them is the foundation of their innovative Defense & Security lines.