We are a 100% national organization.

A technology organization present in every step of the journey towards innovation: from the idea to its implementation.

Cutting-edge Technology, Intelligent Solutions.

We are leaders in innovation, focusing on information and communication technologies known as ICTs. We offer a unique combination of market intelligence, creativity, know-how and excellence, expanding the technological universe beyond mere theories.

Our extensive R&D program, the largest of its kind in Latin America, has produced ICT solutions in the telecommunication, agribusiness, financial, utilities, industrial, smart cities, retail and services, and defense and security sectors.

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The goal of our Research and Development program is to evolve information and communication technologies that can transform the world. We support our customers and partners in the adoption of these technologies, whether by means of our solutions or my means of innovation projects.

We are active in every step of the journey towards innovation: from the idea to its implementation. We help your company accelerate the innovation process, with more technology and less risks. We also work with you to create productive arrangements with different players in the innovation ecosystem.

Our solutions contribute to accelerate the digital transformation of our customers and partners. They bring out the full potential of your innovations, maximizing your efficiency and your level of compliance, thus providing your customers and collaborators a much better experience.
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