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New Customer Satisfaction Survey highlights the importance of listening and responding to customer feedback in real time

Given that the Satisfaction Survey has proved to be an effective way to gauge customer expectation and experience, CPQD is adopting a new customer satisfaction model, including new methodology and tool that will streamline and speed up the way we listen to customers, making the feedback handling process more efficient. “Our ability to follow up […]

The impact of content and cloud providers in submarine optical cable market

Nowadays, the submarine optical cables play a fundamental role for keep a connected society. All telephone calls, pictures, videos and other kind of data generated from Internet are transmitted, at some moment, over an optical fiber cable with hundreds of kilometers deposited on the bottom of the ocean, connecting several continents. The WDM optical systems market has been […]

[ECOC 2016] The importance of Microelectronics and Photonics Convergence

The 42nd edition of ECOC – European Conference on Optical Communications, this year in Dusseldorf (18-22 September), focused on the convergence of Photonics and Microelectronics to develop cost-efficient next-generation optical networks. One of the most important conclusions pointed out during the plenary session was that both content providers (generation and processing) as well as transport service providers are […]

OIF targets 3 options for 400G next-gen pluggable optical modules

Besides the already established analog coherent optics (ACO) approach for CFP pluggable optical transceivers, OIF members decided,in the last Q3 meeting in Quebec City (Canada) to re-focus on the development of digital coherent optics (DCO) module. The main difference between them is that the ACO achieves higher face plate density and lower power consumption by […]