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The most reliable way to merge digital and non-digital services, of different natures and origins.

❯ Private cloud platform
❯ Online transaction processing
❯ Sold in modules
❯ Customizable

Time-to-Market like you've never seen before

CPqD Billing is an open, convergent, cloud-based platform, ready to help companies in the most diverse sectors to increase their operational efficiency, with flexible, time-saving composition of new offers and partners, from the development of a given product to the point where it is ready for commercialization. Now it is possible to create, deliver and monetize new services quickly, flexibly and reliably.

To reinvent your business, create offers and combine digital and non-digital services or products, including those of your business partners. CPqD Billing is ready to meet the most diverse acquisition models, whether subscription or even usage-based billing.

CPqD Billing Highlights

  • Multiple payment options
  • Manage accounts by hierarchy
  • Multilayer product catalog
  • Completely compliant with current Brazilian tax legislation
  • Manage prepaid and postpaid plans on the same platform
  • BI tools for managerial follow-up
  • Autonomy for modeling business rules in production
  • End-to-end functionalities in conformance with the TM Forum standard
  • Complete billing convergence, including multiple invoices and multiple taxes
  • Partnership management for the distribution of income among partners and companies in the same group
  • Adherence to the Internet of Things scenario, with support for diverse partnership models
  • The creation of plans, bundles, products, free-minute packages and discounts, multi-technology
  • Real-time rating based on IMS architecture, via Diameter protocol network integration, for new generation (3G/4G) services support

Agile architecture

  • Core customizable
  • Online transaction processing
  • Single database minimizes integrations
  • Real-time database synchronization
  • Sufficiently robust to handle large volumes of transactions
  • Easily integrated with legacy and external systems (WS/SOA)
  • Component-based solution – Modules can be commercialized individually
  • Platform available on private cloud, providing the needed infrastructure and security
  • Can be commercialized as a service: BAAS (Billing as a Service), minimizing company's initial investment


Customer Care and Workflow

This module contains the product catalog, customer database and respective contracts.

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This module is responsible for convergent post- and/or prepaid rating, identifying and rating the different services.

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This module is responsible for the service provider's billing cycles, which can be regular or on-demand.

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This module is available on the web, and allows end customers to check their billing statements and payment status.

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Responsible for the consolidation of processed data, in the form of accounting events, as well as posting the events and publishing said posting in the company's accounts and in integration files.

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Controls payment processes of the company's clients using different mechanisms, manages customer balances, calculates overdue payment fines and consolidates values.

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The Collection Module is responsible for identifying customers with outstanding debts and setting in motion needed actions to collect overdue payments.

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Partnership Management

This module manages the relationship between partners, remunerations, commissions and transfer rules.

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Customized Reports

Allows users to create their own reports, selecting attributes among a set of predefined (mapped) entities in the solution.

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Maybe your questions have already been answered. Please check:

How can I monetize the data collected by the IoT devices?

CPqD Billing can receive and rate service consumption in real time from any kind of device, taking into consideration its respective associated measurement units and attributes, to determine their price. Whether it be bytes, minutes, band, kilometer, hertz, time, location, special categories – CPqD Billing calculates the value of the used services in their context and converges the billing of said services in a single billing statement.

How can you make it feasible to remunerate partnership ecosystems?

CPqD Billing manages partnership contracts, automatically calculating remuneration and commissions by several different configurable business rules. It also provides a single overview of the partner companies, combining in a single billing statement the calculation of their consumption of a given service, discounted from their remuneration for the rendering of another.

How do you know the right time to invest in a new billing tool?

A company's billing process is its most critical activities: delays and errors mean significant financial loss. When the work involved in billing new business models is more manual than automatic, it is a strong signal that changes need to be made if the company is to continue competitive and sustainable.

How can I meet my corporate customer needs in a personalized manner?

By issuing billing statements in a magnetic, Febraban compliant standard, CPqD Billing provides detailed information allowing large customers to manage their costs, distribute them among the departments, run audits, and control and analyze user trends.

Is it possible to issue a single billing statement, consolidating headquarter and branch consumption?

CPqD Billing allows the creation of account hierarchy and the issuing of a single billing statement for the payer account, in compliance with the acquired plans and free minute bundle rules.  Even when the service is rendered in different states, CPqD Billing maintains converged billing, presenting in a single billing statement different invoices associated with different taxes, according to the type of product, customer and location.

What business opportunities will usage-based billing bring?

Instead of a fixed value, billing a user's exact consumption has been the practice among telecom service providers for some time now. Inspired on this model, any other type of business can offer plans adjusted to a user's budget and needs, and thus, reach new market segments.
Young people, for example, seek resources to match fluctuating needs (no long-term commitment), and pay what they consider fair: only what they actually use. To maintain their loyalty, CPqD Billing provides usage-based billing, whether pre or postpaid, using flexible rating rules to calculate the value of each transaction or consumption.

How can I facilitate the construction of business models?

CPqD Billing allows the configuration of packages of products and services of different natures and suppliers, without needing to resort to the IT area. Rating rules can take into consideration any kind of attribute pertinent to the service and their respective measurement units, applying individualized prices, bonuses and promotional discounts for automatic calculation.

What level of support and availability do you offer?

CPqD is a national company, with their own team ready and available for deployment and customer care 24/7. Customers can count on CPqD as an extension of their own team. We work based on the concept of partnerships, helping users to become more and more engaged so as to get the most out of the system's resources.

How are customizations handled?

CPqD understands that each business has specific needs that need to be respected and guarantees the compatibility of customizations carried out after each new version.

What guarantees integration speed?

CPqD Billing provides Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) where the different services (APIs) are integrated to easily and quickly connect with the remaining systems of the company.


CPqD develops and offers robust network analysis and structuring projects with operational and energetic efficiency, as well as predictive maintenance.

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