CPqD Dialog Transcription

Convert the audio of a conversation between two or more people into formatted texts, with the phrases separated chronologically with speech and speaker recognition techniques.

CPqD Dialog Transcription ensures accurate audio to text conversion, based on CPqD Speech Recognition technology. This combination of technologies allows the extraction of valuable informations such as greetings, user confirmation texts, complaints, solutions, closing and evaluating service sessions.


  • Discover value
  • Converting dialogs into texts with great precision and applying statistical analyses allow value to be extracted from customer interactions to improve services.

  • Retain your customers' loyalty
  • Dialog transcription allows you to discover which customers are likely to abandon your services and pinpoint the root causes of their dissatisfaction.

  • Customer service performance
  • Improve your customer service performance with automated session monitoring, optimizing the time of customer care employees and the volume of calls.


  • Segmentation and elimination of portions with noise or silence
  • The system identifies and eliminates noise and silence to optimize processing.

  • Identification of multiple speakers
  • Separates two or more speakers, informing who said what and when.

  • Text timestamp
  • The entire dialog is chronologically organized.

  • Support to diverse audio sources
  • Input audio sources can be landlines, VoIP, GSM or G/4G.

  • Free Speech Recognition
  • Accurate recognition with no need to develop grammar.

  • Transcription output file in JSON format
  • Easy to read format, easily integrated with external systems.

    Possible applications:

  • Organize phone conversations in text formats for auditing purposes
  • Speech analytic and statistical analyses of the content of the conversations
  • Analysis of compliance with due procedure in phone conversations - monitoring
  • Classify conversations according to subject or type of problem
  • Clustering for Keyword Spotting
  • Evaluate proper use of pauses as: holding time and overlaid speech.
  • Transcription of speeches, auditable meetings, hearings

    Professional Services:

  • Vocabulary and model adjustment

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