CPqD Speech Recognition

The most recent technologies to allow conversations between people and any system using real-time speech recognition. Simple, flexible and reliable.

CPqD Speech Recognition is an online resource that recognizes speech in Portuguese with extreme accuracy. The system was trained with the speech of thousands of Brazilians with accents from all over Brazil, resulting in highly-efficient and engaging automated customer service applications.


  • Machine Learning Technology
  • The speech recognition engine uses advanced deep learning neural network algorithms and is able to recognize application audio with highest level of accuracy.

  • Online recognition with intermediate results
  • Processes audio as it is received and returns partial results while the speech is still being recognized. Besides online recognition, the system returns text based on the recognition of prerecorded linear PCM audio, with sample rates of 8 kHz or 16kHz.

  • Robust in noisy environments
  • The system is accurate in different noisy environments, with no need for previous audio signal processing or noise cancellation.

  • Flexible integration
  • CPqD Speech Recognition supports any application or device that can be integrated via HTTP REST, MRCP V1 and V2 or Websocket interfaces.

  • SDK
  • Software development kits are available in C++ and Java.

  • Free speech or grammatical speech recognition
  • The product supports two modes: free speech, for generic scenarios where there is no need to create grammars; and grammar mode, with grammar written in the SRGS/SISR standard as a form of customization for a specific use context.

  • Audio beginning and ending detection
  • The system strips silence at the beginning and ending of audio phrases. This avoids unneeded processing to recognize something that is not speech.

    Possible applications:

    Virtual Assistant

  • Automated voice chats
  • IVR and call forwarding voice interaction
  • Forms filled out via voice
  • Automatic kiosk self-service
  • Speech controlled devices
  • Message dictation apps
  • Mobile apps with integrated speech
  • Advantages:

  • Reduce service time with automatic interaction.
  • Make the lives of your users easier with increased speed and intuitiveness.
  • Allows visually impaired users or users with little or no technological skills to access the system.

    Professional Services:

  • Application tuning
  • Grammar composition

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