Created to exploit emerging technologies.

Designed to promote the dissemination of their scientific and technological developments by producing and commercializing the resulting products. Já! is an industrial branch of CPQD created to explore the potential of rupture technologies that are not yet mature enough to attract the interest of national industries or supply niche markets.

With the characteristics of a market lab, Já! specializes in small-scale productions, allowing to mold the product in such a way as to meet the market’s specifications and needs.

Another important aspect of Já!’s profile is on-demand production, with customized specifications and designing components or equipment that specifically meet customer’s exact needs.

Unlike traditional industrial plants, Já! outsources all their services, and CPQD is their main supplier of lab services and product certification.

Examples of their industrial areas of expertise:

  • Customized equipment, with high relevance and low performance in terms of business volume (scale).
  • R&D project technology, with diffuse long-term commercial potential due to low market maturity.
  • High-tech equipment, the product of R&D projects, for market niches characterized by small, limited production.

Já! was not conceived to follow a conventional trajectory. The company has no pretension to compete with other manufacturers; their mission is to stimulate innovating ideas as a quick tool to test them on the market, and thus allow CPQD, their partners and customers to continue in their role of developing innovating technologies, contributing to generate wealth for the Brazilian society.


Rod. Campinas – Mogi-Mirim (SP-340) – km 118,5 – Pólis de Tecnologia – Pr. 12 – Campinas – SP – 13086-902