Produtos de Alto Desafio Tecnológico Ltda. (High-Challenge Technology Products)

Padtec was founded with investments from two widely-respected Brazilian organizations, CPQD and Ideiasnet. The company focuses on the development, manufacture and commercialization of optical communication systems. Their products include solutions for long distance networks, metropolitan networks and access networks, and are the first Latin American manufacturer of WDM-based transmission systems, increasing optical fiber transmission capacity tenfold.

In the course of their short existence, Padtec has racked up an impressive series of achievements, earning them prominent position in the market, with highly-competitive products focused on customers’ core business, featuring local technical support, expedited services and short delivery times.

In less than a year, they have incorporated into their product line signal OTN (Optical Transport Network) compliant transport equipment, reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) equipment, multi-protocol traffic management equipment and an ultra-long distance optical amplification system.  They have consolidated their position as a global supplier of high-tech customized solutions, with business and representatives in South America, Central America, Europe and Asia.

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