CPqD’s R&D program, the largest of its kind in Latin America, includes studies to facilitate future technological transitions, projects to meet market needs and the use of technology to implement government digital inclusion policy.

Supported by ongoing investments in training and infrastructure, CPQD has been on the technological forefront, generating significant R&D advancements.

The CPQD R&D program is inspired by great structural themes, which concentrate on the needs of people and generate solutions that have a significant impact on the industry. The CPQD knowledge base is structured on technology platforms.

A technology platform is characterized by a collection of strategic technological competences, systematically managed in the pursuit of innovation (research, development and market applicability). The technological results generated by projects involving multiple platforms will reach the market by providing software and services, transferring technology to the industry and setting up startups.

Several different funding agencies and partner companies support this program, and results over the past few years have contributed to transform the market and spurred the country’s development.

CPqD’s lab infrastructure occupies the forefront in the national scenario with their cutting-edge lab complex, constantly updated in order to support CPQD innovative R&D projects, as well as introduce next-generation technological services to support avant-garde research in private companies and government agencies. More than 20 labs, duly registered with the CNPq Directory of Research Groups, occupy an area of approximately 3 thousand square meters.

The open innovation model adopted by CPQD significantly increases the possibility of development outside the institution walls. To this end, they regularly hold innovation events that focus on the development of new partnerships, seeking to collaborate with renowned universities, leading laboratories and high-profile projects in Brazil and abroad.

Technology Platforms