Data Networks

Since the advent of the Internet, the use of data networks has taken on an ever-increasing importance in messaging, access to digital content and the sharing of documents photos and videos.

In this scenario, CPQD has been actively developing emerging technologies, such as Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), developing world class projects, and strengthening their presence in the service and technology provider community. CPQD has also been very active in the development of mature network technologies, more specifically Ethernet/Metro-Ethernet, IP, NGN and IMS.

The focus of this technology platform is therefore aimed at packet forwarding technologies, including link, network and transport layers, and technologies for the control, management and application planes.

The most important know-how for this platform includes:

Network Architecture

Technologies and protocols related with the architectural and topological aspects of data networks that include:

  • Software Defined Networks – SDN)
  • Network Functions Virtualization – NFV
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem – IMS
  • Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching Networks – GMPLS
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Networks – ATN)

Multimedia Networks

Technologies and protocols (Diameter, SIP, VoIP, RTP, VoLTE, etc.) over the IP layer for networks that converge data, voice and multimedia services: video on demand, online gaming, web conferencing and other applications.

IP Networks

Forwarding and control technologies and protocols for IPv4 and IPv6 networks, comprising routing, availability, service quality, traffic engineering and security functions.

Ethernet Networks

Forwarding and control technologies and protocols for Ethernet networks and their extensions, applied in the context of private (PAN), local (LAN) and metropolitan (MAN) networks.

Network Management and Control

Management, monitoring and control technologies and protocols (OpenFlow, SNMP, NETCONF, etc.) for equipment and multi-technology networks.