This platform comprises the technologies applied to electrical grids (generation, transmission and distribution) with the purpose of improving decision making, data generation and managing information based on the increased level of automation and communication.

It involves the following know-how:

  • Demand response

    Consists in methods and algorithms to minimize the energy load by reducing its availability during high demand peaks (consumption).

  • Advanced energy measurement

    Technology to electronically measure energy consumption, allowing consumers to interact with the supply system (active participation in managing electricity).

  • Power Line Communication – PLC

    Technology for communication (voice and data) over the electrical grid’s transmission and distribution lines.

  • Protocols for communication between electrical grid components

    Protocols and algorithms for controlling, supervising, and acquiring data from electrical grid equipment and sensors, such as SCADA, IEC 61850, ModBus, DNP3.

  • Electrical grid automation

    Algorithms and methods that allow the optimization and automatic restoration of power after power outages or load redistributions.

  • Alternative renewable energy sources

    Technology to generate electric energy using natural sources such as the sun, the wind and geothermal energy, which are alternative renewable (naturally replenished) resources.

  • Energy efficiency

    Methods, equipment, and algorithms for improving the efficiency of electrical equipment and networks, minimizing technical losses (electrical) and increasing efficiency.

  • Power quality

    Monitoring and evaluating electrical parameters of energy networks to characterize the quality of the service and of the distributed energy.

  • Monitoring of the electrical infrastructure and equipment

    Methods, sensors and algorithms used to monitor electrical equipment parameters to evaluate the operating conditions and useful life of assets.

  • Distributed Generation
    Distributed Generation is the generation of electricity located close to the load (or consumers) they serve, typically using renewable energy sources.

    CPQD is currently developing energy microgeneration low maintenance systems, based on alternative sources. The goal is to serve consumers in isolated regions with hostile climate conditions, with a monthly consumption of up to 40 kW/h. The system will offer robust storage and prepaid billing, besides protection from frauds.