Part of the same technological high standards that made CPqD a center of excellence and a national reference in telecommunications technology, its Laboratories of Calibration and tests play an important role in the metrology and testing scenarios, featuring resources to perform almost every test for certification of telecommunications products set forth in Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) regulations or recommended by private parties.

Holding dozens of patents and responsible for great part of the technology that currently permeates the Brazilian telecommunications plant, ranging from state-of-the-art digital telephone switches to optical fibers, cables and devices, CPqD’s Test Laboratories can be matched to the most modern and renowned labs in the world in several segments, being today the telecommunications industry’s technological reference, which is proven by its pioneer in Inmetro accreditation, in the Metrology scope, and the tests of optical fibers and cables.

Always ahead when it comes to technology, but also involved in studies of telecommunications and their environmental impacts, it is the first Brazilian laboratory developing studies about the effects of Non-ionizing Radiation (NIR), implementing and accrediting, with Inmetro, its SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) tests, regulated by Anatel (Resolution 303). A NIR monitoring system is also available: NIR Monitor.

Most laboratories and their respective tests were evaluated by Anatel, ensuring the credibility with every Assigned Certification Organization (ACO). This laboratorial infrastructure, with a multidisciplinary nature, also enables CPqD to perform tests in other areas, such as computing, electromedical equipment, etc.

One of the most important tests for telecommunications equipment concerns EMI/EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), which CPqD performs based on specific rules, in environments that are electromagnetically hermetic (anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers) or in especially built open areas (for large-sized equipment), and on the associated complex instrumentation. Other tests, which are not less important, are related to electrical protection, climatic tests, antennas, acoustic tests, vibration, mechanical reliability of optical fibers and cables, corrosion, physicochemical definition, etc.

Many solutions offered by CPqD are not limited to activities performed inside the laboratories. For these purposes, we have skills with proven experience in the following performance areas:

  • Optical Fiber Definition
  • PMD Measuring and Identification
  • Chromatic Dispersion Measuring
  • CATV Signs Measuring
  • Drive Test
  • Benchmarking


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