Pesquisa de Satisfação de Clientes evidencia o quão importante é ouvir os clientes e agir em tempo real

New Customer Satisfaction Survey highlights the importance of listening and responding to customer feedback in real time

Given that the Satisfaction Survey has proved to be an effective way to gauge customer expectation and experience, CPQD is adopting a new customer satisfaction model, including new methodology and tool that will streamline and speed up the way we listen to customers, making the feedback handling process more efficient.

“Our ability to follow up and follow through with customers will help us provide the best customer experience possible”, says Sebastião Sahão Junior, CEO at CPQD. “The survey provides strategic data and guides us in the decision-making process. Besides, the new methodology will help us troubleshooting faster and more efficiently, providing increasingly better solutions and strengthening the relationship with customers”, concludes the CEO.

Throughout the year, customers’ technical contacts will be prompted to score the level of satisfaction with CPQD deliveries. The collected feedback will be analyzed, aiming at delivering a higher quality experience and getting better results.

This survey will also collect the satisfaction level of customers’ business contacts. “Using data analytics, the new methodology gathers and displays customer insights, during the project timeframe, allowing us to develop proper strategies for handling them”, states Edvaldo Paro, Chief Technology Officer.