The impact of content and cloud providers in submarine optical cable market

Nowadays, the submarine optical cables play a fundamental role for keep a connected society. All telephone calls, pictures, videos and other kind of data generated from Internet are transmitted, at some moment, over an optical fiber cable with hundreds of kilometers deposited on the bottom of the ocean, connecting several continents.

The WDM optical systems market has been sponsored by consortium led mainly by telecommunications carriers. However, in the last months, this market experimented a paradigm change. Many media reported the financing of transoceanic cables by content and cloud providers like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The Brazilian company, market leader in WDM systems in Brazil, Padtec, has recently noticed a partnership with Google to develop a submarine optical cable to connect Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with around 400 km. To know more, see

The deployment of this new optical networks generated a positive impact, pressuring the traditional carriers, that do not have the same kind of bandwidth demands as the cloud providers. For more info, check:


Contribution from José Hélio C. Jr.

(CPQD researcher on Optical Com.)